Showcase Your Gluttony With These 4 Atlanta Food Challenges

October 6th, 2016 by

For some Atlanta residents, food isn’t just a source of sustenance, but a way for people to prove the strength of their will and their stomach. If you can relate, consider taking part in some of the city’s most interesting food challenges. The possibilities below will give plenty of chances to open wide and loosen your belt.

Doc Chey’s Noodle Eating Contest

This annual noodle-eating contest involves speed rather than simply showcasing how much you can eat. This year, the contest was held at Doc Chey’s Morningside location, and proceeds went to a fire station that was in danger of being shut down. Recent winners consumed heaping bowls of lo-mein noodles in as little as 40 seconds, which may cause you to wonder if they did more slurping than chewing. Winners get tee-shirts and $100 gift cards. There are separate contests for kids and a men’s and women’s division for adults.

The Pho King Challenge at the So Ba Vietnamese Restaurant

Only one person has won this food challenge, which requires both a huge appetite and ability to finish food quickly. Specifically, swallow 20 ounces of meat and 96 ounces of broth, or the equivalent of three large orders of pho, in under an hour. Succeed and you’ll get your meal paid for, have your name added to the restaurant’s hall of fame, and earn an $100 gift card. It costs $25 dollars to make your attempt.

The Carnivore Challenge at Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria

This challenge certainly isn’t suitable for vegetarians. It involves scarfing down a 30-inch, 11-pound, meat-packed pizza. But the good news is you don’t have to do it alone. This food challenge allows you to use the buddy system, so make sure to find someone who loves pizza as much as you. If you’re able to get through the pizza in an hour or less without getting up from the table, both you and your friend will get $250 to share. There’s a $50 entry fee.

Generally, this challenge happens at 3:30 and 8:30 Monday-Thursday, but you can also contact the restaurant to schedule a challenge outside of those times. So far, only seven people have succeeded in this feat, so you’ll definitely have bragging rights if you’re among them. The first team to ever win this challenge still holds the record for the fastest time, which is an amazing 33 minutes.

The Burrito Chingon at Las Flores

Weighing in at a whopping eight pounds, this burrito consists of four tortillas packed with toppings such as steak, chicken, grilled onions, and mozzarella cheese. In order to win the challenge, you must eat the burrito in an hour or less. If you’re able to conquor this mountain in a tortilla, you’ll receive the burrito free, plus get $100 gift card. If by some chance you’re sill hungry after getting through the burrito, the restaurant will give you a free dessert to top everything off.

These are just four of Atlanta’s official food challenges, although the city has numerous other large, creative dishes you can try without being in the running for prizes. Plan on getting out and trying at least one of them soon.

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