First Time Car Buyers

First Time Car Buyer

We Can Help!

It’s hard to establish credit as a young adult and there are several traps they can find themselves in that can affect them for the better part of their twenties. You don’t have to tackle this alone! Rick Hendrick Toyota Sandy Springs is here to help! We are proud to offer this new program for members of our community in hopes to increase the positive impact we have on our neighbors.

The service is free we simply ask that you schedule an appointment so that one of our specialists can block out a piece of time for you and have your information ready when you arrive.

  • 30 minute Parent/First-time buyer consultation
  • Responsibilities of car loans and regular maintenance and the cost associated with both.
  • Requirements of obtaining a car loan and how to prepare for securing one.
  • Potential rebates, discounts, and financing considerations and how to qualify.
  • A tailored roadmap to give recommendations on New vs Certified Pre-Owned cars and an explanation of a retail purchase vs. a lease and how either option affects both parties involved.