What Makes the Prius Prime the Most Advanced Hybrid Ever

Increased Efficiency

Prius has become the name that you depend on when it comes to fuel efficiency. The Prius Prime has utilized new aerodynamically designed features to help lower wind resistance and increase overall fuel efficiency. Some of these new aerodynamic features include an active front grill shutter, side body fins, dual-wave rear glass design, and underbody covers. The design also includes interior changes to improve efficiency, such as a newly placed battery pack to increase efficiency of the vehicle while also having additional fuel space.

Comfort an Convenience Interior Features

The new look of the interior not only invites drivers in, but provides them with the comfort and convenience no matter if they drive for long distances, or just enjoy comfort during their morning commute. The front seats are designed to hug both the driver’s and passenger’s body and come with premium leather or cloth options. In addition, you can also choose from heated front seats and steering wheel.

The Prius interior also boasts a large amount of cargo room, even for its small design, with 60/40 split fold-down rear seats. You won’t only have the convenience of additional cargo space in the Prius Prime, but also have all the information you will need right in easy view. The new Prius offers a heads-up color display which projects pertinent information on your windshield while driving to help keep your eyes on the road.

Easy Charging

Toyota has made charging your new Prius a breeze by allowing drivers to charge their vehicle at home, where they will be able to get a full charge for their vehicle in less than five and a half hours from the household outlet. This will even allow you to schedule your charging to avoid peak energy rates. You can set up your charging schedule by using your multimedia display when connected with Smartphone Prius apps.

For those on the road that want to make sure their charge will last, you can also use public chargers that can be located by using your multimedia display and smartphone app to help you find the closest public charging station. The 240V outlets in the public charging stations can get your vehicle charged even quicker with an estimated two hours of charging time to get your Prius up to a full charge. While most ChargePoint stations are free to use, you will also receive a $100 or 100 days of free charging for your new Prius purchase, compliments of Toyota.

Find out why the new Prius Prime is the most advanced hybrid ever by checking out the features listed above for yourself. Visit your local Toyota dealer to take one out for a test drive today.

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