A Look Inside Toyota’s Exciting Off-Roader Concept

December 21st, 2017 by

An Interesting New Look

The first thing that you will likely notice is that the FT-AC does not resemble many of the other Toyota designs. That is because Toyota decided to go with something radically different. It has a tall stance which gives it great ground clearance. The FT-AC also has a distinctive green color which is generally not seen on other vehicles. The front end of the FT-AC is unique in the Toyota line as well, taking advantage of a totally new grille design.

Detachable Cameras

One of the most notable features of the FT-AC that is catching everyone’s attention is the detachable camera system. Many off-road enthusiasts like to record their activities for social media accounts. Toyota, knowing that this vehicle would make off-road recording easier, included several detachable infrared cameras that mount on the side mirrors. That way, you can use them to record in any weather condition without risking expensive camera equipment.

Integrated Wi-Fi

Those cameras wouldn’t be much help without an internet connection. Fortunately, the Toyota FT-AC has a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot that can get a single almost anywhere. This makes it really easy to stay connected at all times and to upload new footage on the go. You can also live stream your camera footage which will definitely change how many people create footage for their social media accounts.

Detachable Fog Lamps

Another interesting feature that will make off roading much easier is the detachable fog lights. If you like to mountain bike, then you will enjoy the FT-AC. It has a collapsible bike rack built in. When you are out riding in the dark, you can take one of the FT-AC’s detachable fog lamps as a headlamp for your bike. It has the full brightness of a car lamp, but the portability that you need for biking. They also double as camping lamps if you need one.

Overall, the Toyota FT-AC is an interesting concept vehicle. If it reaches the market with all of these features, it will be radically different than many of the other available vehicles. While there are no details about when it is expected to reach market production, updates can be expected throughout the year. The best way to stay informed about it is to visit your local Toyota dealer. Hendrick of Sandy Springs Toyota can keep you up to date on the development of the Toyota FT-AC including when it should launch, final features, and the costs when it is finally ready for full-scale market production.