How to Keep Your Car Clutter-Free Through the Holidays

November 30th, 2017 by

Take the Garbage With You

No one likes a litterer, and if you’re environmentally responsible, this means that your car is routinely filled with candy wrappers, Big Gulp cups, disposable coffee mugs, and the leftovers of your child’s breakfast. If you let this problem fester, it can seem overwhelming every time you hop into the car. Once you muster up enough courage to clean the car, it’s time to start this garbage removal process.

Every time you get groceries or go shopping, you undoubtedly take your stuff out to the car in a paper or plastic bag. Instead of tossing these or recycling them, keep them under the seat of your car. Each day when you get home, take the time to gather the trash in your car (or ask your kids to do it) and toss it in the trash. If you can manage to make this a habit, you won’t have to worry about a trashy car again.

Remove Any Unnecessary Items

When you head to the store to stock up on gifts or holiday items, don’t leave them in the car. As soon as you get home, de-clutter your vehicle by taking everything out and putting it in a designated place inside. Don’t just let it clutter another area of your home. A closet or under the bed is a perfect place for these items until you’re ready to give them to others or use them. Plus, removing these items can deter potential thieves that are looking to steal your holiday cheer.

Add a Trash Can

While it’s easier for you to clean the trash out of your car each day, it’s not high on the priority list for your children. They often toss wrappers and other trash on the ground, which gets lost somewhere in the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. Instead of having to deal with surprises when you clean your car, put a bag or a trash receptacle somewhere in the rear seat and encourage your children to use it. Not only does it keep trash off the ground, but it’s also a one-step cleanup.

Use an Organizer

Car organizers are one of the best inventions for keeping your clutter in order. With several compartments, you can organize and separate toys, emergency kits, and other things you need in your car regularly. These organizers work both in the cabin, the rear, or the trunk of your car, and if you’re looking to become a clean freak, you can even use one to sort car cleaning products.

Don’t let the clutter in your car get you down during the holiday season. Instead, follow these suggestions, and you’ll have the cleanest car on the block.

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