Four Ways to Make Money From Your Car in Atlanta

Newspaper Delivery

Are you a morning person? If so, you can score some extra cash by picking up a paper route. Keep in mind, though, you must deliver the paper on time, so don’t be tempted to sleep in or you could lose your route. Make sure you bring along something to drink and a small notepad and pen in case you need to leave a note with the customer.

In some cases, paper carriers receive tips, particularly around the holidays. If you can manage it, try to the paper route for Sundays, since it pays the best.

Grocery Delivery

More people are turning to the digital world to fill their shopping needs, and this includes groceries. If you’re a great shopper who’s particular about your cuts of meat and reading labels, delivering home groceries might be for you.

Customers place their orders and specify their brand preferences. You simply do the shopping for them and charge a fee. If you’d rather sign up for a company with an existing customer base, try something like Shipt, an on-demand grocery delivery service. Shoppers make up to $25 per hour and set their own schedules. Plus, Shipt is currently recruiting independent shoppers in the Atlanta area.

Airport Runs

How many times have you needed a ride or pickup from the airport? Most travelers either ask a friend for a ride or resort to paying exorbitant airport parking fees. If you have a vehicle large enough for passengers and luggage, you can start your own airport shuttle service.

Offering to take people to and from the airport for a fee is a great way to make extra money or even start your own business. It saves people undue stress and, if you’re a reliable driver, they’re highly likely to recommend your service to a friend. Just be sure to make arrangements beforehand for customers carrying sports equipment, bicycles, and other large items. Having car seats or booster seats for children are also big plusses for potential customers.


Uber and Lyft are quickly becoming household names in our fast-paced digital world. When you sign up to drive for a ridesharing service, you set your own hours and make money with your own car. Since you can drive as often as you like, the potential for making money is up to you.

Drivers are responsible for their own expenses, although these companies do offer commercial insurance policies. Other perks include phone plans, free music, and access to a fuel card program for discounts at the pump.

Making money from your car is easier now than it’s ever been. As long as you’re a responsible driver and have the proper insurance coverage, you can provide helpful services to your customers while enjoying extra cash in your pocket.

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