Find Classic Vinyl at These Five Atlanta Record Stores

February 1st, 2018 by

Criminal Records

Located in the heart of Little Five Points, Criminal Records is one of the most popular vinyl shops in the city. They are known to stock a wide variety of vinyl including new records from modern acts with many of the popular hits, as well as many songs that are amazing even if they are a little under the radar. While the prices may not be the lowest, the selection is definitely the widest and best curated, making Criminal Records a one-stop shop for vinyl lovers.

Wax n’ Facts

Another popular record shop in Little Five Points is called Wax n’ Facts, and it looks like it came straight out of the 2000 John Cusack movie “High Fidelity.” The shop sells a variety of CDs and records including new releases and reissued music, and it also buys and sells used albums for those looking for classic favorites to add to a vinyl collection. The store is located on Mooreland Avenue, and it also carries turntables and record player parts.

Fantasyland Records

If you are looking for older vinyl to complete your collection or are just a big fan of music from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, then Fantasyland Records is the stop for you. Much of their collection comes from previous DJ collections and rock ‘n roll bands from the ’50s to ’80s, though they do stock some recent titles. Fantasyland buys, trades, and sells most of their records and their inventory updates fairly regularly, so be sure to check back often.

Moods Music

Located on Chandler Avenue in the Little Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta, Moods Music is known as a great place to hang out as well as a place to pick up some amazing vinyl. The store offers a wide selection of music for hip-hop, R & B, Soul, Electronica, Latin, Reggae, and many other genres. People enjoy the selection as much as they do the service from the knowledgeable staff who is always ready to help and answer any questions their customers may have.


BeATLab is a popular stop for DJs and music connoisseurs. The store offers a range of electronics and accessories as well as a wide variety of vinyl. Whether you are into DJ music, are an avid collector, or just like to listen to the sound of quality music, you’ll want to stop by. The store is run by DJs, so it is especially known for having the records that are sought after in the world of musical entertainment. A wide range of new and classic titles provides the best options for its clientele.

Vinyl lovers can find what they are looking for on a trip to the Atlanta area. Whether you are a fan of the classics or like staying on top of new tunes, you can find what you are looking for at one of the vinyl shops listed above.

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