Enjoy Valentine’s Day Dinner at One of These 4 Atlanta Restaurants

December 28th, 2017 by

The Sun Dial

One of the best places in the city to go is the Sun Dial located in downtown Atlanta. The Sun Dial is well known for its romantic atmosphere. In fact, couples get engaged there nearly every day. It is located at the top of the Westin building on a rotating platform. You get a great view of the entire city. On a clear day and at the right time, you can set the atmosphere for a romantic proposal or a great dinner date.


For something a bit different but no less romantic, try the Bacchanalia in Home Park. Despite its name, Bacchanalia has proven itself to be one of the most romantic restaurants in Atlanta. It has been voted the best restaurant in Atlanta multiple times and couples are consistently trying to get reservations there. The menu there is exceptional, and all meals are five courses. Bacchanalia uses fresh and local ingredients wherever possible making the food exquisite. The menu also uses fixed pricing for its five-course meals which means it will not break your wallet either.


You can find Tantra over in Buckhead. As its name implies it is a great place for a romantic dinner because of the food and the atmosphere. The decor is tasteful, although it may include some scenes that you may want younger patrons to avoid. However, everything about the experience is worth the trip, especially if you are planning a romantic evening or a proposal.


For something significantly different than the other entries on this list, head over to Ormewood Park to check out Gunshow. While it may not be the most romantic option, Gunshow is great if you and your date want something delicious without all of the fancy elements. It was created by Kevin Gillespie, a Top Chef alum that has a different take on Brazilian food. It is a great experience if you are looking for something simple and interesting. Gunshow also takes reservations so you could book your Valentine’s Day date now.

Although Valentine’s Day is months away, it is a good idea to start planning early. That way, all of your plans will work out and you won’t have to worry. Part of those plans should be making sure that your car is in good shape. Visit Hendrick of Sandy Springs Toyota to make sure you have the right car for this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

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