5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium is not only going to be the new home of the Atlanta Falcons — it will reach new heights in design and innovation when it comes to the fan experience. The new stadium will open in 2017, and it will also be home to the Atlanta FC soccer team. Here are some mind-blowing facts about the new Mercedes-Benz stadium.30606720464_975db6231b_b

Retractable Roof

The roof of the stadium will feature an eight-petal retractable design. The big difference between this roof and other stadiums with retractable roofs is that this one can open and close in just seven minutes. The design of the roof comes from the shape of a falcon’s wing and uses triangular panels that wrap around the stadium. When opening and closing, they move in unison along their individual tracks almost like a camera aperture.

The Video Board

Within the circumference of the roof opening, there is a halo shaped video board that will encircle the entire field. This 58-foot high 360-degree high-definition screen is one of a kind and is not only the largest video board found in professional sports, but it is also the largest one in the world. The stadium pairs it with a state-of-the-art sound system to entertain and wow the fans throughout the event.


Throughout the stadium, fans will have over 650 places where they can get food and drinks — this is over twice the number they had at the old Georgia Dome. Each concession stand will work faster and more efficiently than ever before, so fans don’t have to miss the action on the field. Fans can also expect to see lower prices than they would normally find at a sporting event. Expect to pay just $2 for a hot dog or water and $3 for peanuts and waffle fries. They even priced the domestic beer at just $5. Each concourse in the stadium will have signature concessions and, if they want, fans can gather at the 100-foot bar on the upper concourse or the lounge on the field level.

Window to the City

Most of the exterior walls will feature a translucent plastic called ETFE to allow natural light into the stadium. The designers also eliminated the middle concourse and the upper bowl in the east end zone to allow fans an unobstructed view of the skyline even while they are sitting in the stadium.

The Fan Plaza and Other Places to Gather

Outside of the stadium fans can spend some time enjoying the experience in the fan plaza as they gather for the game. This area is 61,000 square feet, and although it is outside, it’s still within the ticketed area. Inside the stadium, the design also allows for fans to gather and roam with 360-degree circulation around the entire building. There will also be 19 elevators and 23 escalators to help people move around whether they need to get food or find their seats.

The design of the new stadium was inspired by the Roman Pantheon and will offer fans an immersive game-day experience.

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