3 Changes Coming to Toyota by 2021

January 26th, 2017 by

Toyota plans to make some big changes to its vehicles over the next five years. By 2021, you will see some major changes that affect what you expect from new vehicles. Toyota already makes some great cars, but these three improvements will make the company’s vehicles even more popular.toyota-1596082_960_720

Improved Engine Technology

Several reliable sources report that Toyota plans to replace about 60 percent of its vehicles’ engines by 2021. The updated technology will make the engines more efficient without taking away from their power.

Toyota has already unveiled a few engines that it plans to use in 2017. One example, a 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, will offer 10 percent more acceleration than the current version. Despite the improved acceleration, the engine consumes 20 percent less gasoline than earlier incarnations.

Other improved engines you will soon see at Toyota dealerships include a 2.5-liter four-cylinder direct-injection engine designed for the Camry sedan and a multistage hybrid engine expected to appear in the Lexus LC sports coupe.

Toyota knows that it has to continue improving its engines to remain competitive. The future is all about more efficiency. If Toyota can reach its goals, then it shouldn’t have a hard time retaining its position in the automotive industry.

New Transmissions to Improve Your Driving Experience

Transmissions also play a significant role in improving vehicle efficiency. Without a good transmission, your car will burn more fuel than necessary. Toyota plans to solve this problem by releasing a series of new transmissions designed to coordinate with the company’s updated engine technology.

Toyota’s upcoming transmissions will do more than reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. They will also improve the driving experience by making vehicles more responsive. If you want a car that’s safer and more fun to drive, then you should look forward to the new Toyota vehicles.

More Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota has already dedicated substantial research time and money into developing electric and hybrid vehicles. Don’t expect to see many new electric or hybrid cars within the next couple of years. By 2021, though, Toyota should have built several new models that will make today’s vehicles look subpar.

Toyota could improve battery technology in several ways. The company likely plans to make batteries that can hold larger amounts of power, which would make it possible for electric vehicles to travel longer distances between charges.

Considering that a lot of consumers still worry that electric cars can’t match their driving needs, improving battery technology will help make new electric and hybrid vehicles more popular. The better Toyota can make these cars, the more people will start to trust them.

Toyota still has several years to develop new technology that will make its products more appealing to drivers all over the world. Buyers in the United States should expect to see new engines, transmissions, and batteries that make their vehicles more efficient. Toyota will have to invest a lot of money in these technologies, but you will reap the rewards by spending less cash at gas stations.

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